Thursday, April 19, 2012

Holy Pants Into Shorts...It's Simple

A quick way to turn holy jeans into shorts.  Even you non-sewers can do it! 

Get a pair of jeans that still fit, but have seen better days in the knee area.

Cut to desired length adding 1-1/2 inches for the cuff.

With a sewing ruler press up a hem of 3/4 inch and then fold over another 3/4 inch. Press and pin (if you are not lazy.)

For the inner seam sew just to the back of the factory seam, going back and forth a few times or if you don't have a machine you can just tack it down with a needle and thread.

For the outside seam, flip back the serged seam and sew back and forth a few times or tack by hand then flip the serged edge back over where you have sewn.

All done.  No heming, no frayed edges of the 70's.  Takes about 20 minutes including taking out and putting away all your sewing stuff!

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  1. Hi, I'm Kristy. :) I was browsing the "Raising Homemakers," Blog and came across your Blog. I laughed because I made shorts out of 3 of my daughter's jeans today. Mine wanted some fringe so I didn't sew, but the shorts look similar. I was just telling my husband how fun it was to reshape their wardrobe so easily. lol Have a blessed week!



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