Monday, February 14, 2011

The Farmer and His their own words.

The Great Treasure



There once was a farmer who had a great illness and was afraid for there was no one to care and tend his farm and family.  He did have three sons but they were lazy and too careless to tend and care for his land, he thought. He called his three sons to his bedside and told them, "There is a great treasure hidden in my fields." After their fathers death, they took their spades and shovels and thoroughly dug carefully the whole field. They stomped off frustrated, for they had found no treasure. That year they had an extraordinarily abundant crop.  They finally realized it was the fruit of their own labor. They lived happily ever after.

Laziness Produces Nothing



There once was a farmer that was stricken by a deathly illness and he was afraid that his farm would not prosper.   The farmer had two lazy sons who sat around and ate sweets all day long so he was afraid that they would be careless tending to the crops. Before he died he beckoned for his two sons to come to his bedside. When they were by his bedside he told them that there were treasures hidden in his fields. So, the sons took pickaxes and mattocks and set to work digging everything in sight. Frustrated, they stomped back madly since they had not found any treasure. When they plowed and planted that year their crops were extraordinarily abundant and the family lived comfortably that winter.  Finally the sons realized the treasure was the fruit of their labor. The sons learned that laziness produces nothing.

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