Saturday, September 25, 2010

Writing Samples.....Institute For Excellence in Writing

This year we finally bit the bullet and bought the Institutes For Excellence in Writing.  I have started watching the videos, but learned that you could begin the program after watching the first video.  Mr. Pudewa is so funny.  I found myself laughing often while watching him.  He is even funnier during the kids seminars and all three kids were cracking up.  Nothing wrong with learning being fun sometimes.  On Friday afternoon, while the Wild Child took her nap, we finally took the plunge and got busy. We all watched and the big girls did the workshop for 4th through 7th grade.  They LOVED it.  We haven't done any formal writing program, just what has been required in the Abeka Grammar books so I wasn't sure how it would go.  I am pleasantly surprised by the results and the best part was how much they enjoyed it. 

Insect Waltzers



Dance Flies are found in North America. They gather in big mating swarms above forest streams. They gracefully twirl up and down. Another thing that is amazing about these flies is that they give courting gifts. To attract females, male flies capture small insects which are presents. The presents can get pretty fancy. In the Northwest males spin a balloon of silk because they have to tuck a small insect inside. If you ever see a swarm of Dance Flies think of it like a bunch of weddings in one. The balloons of silk are like boxes of rings and there is a lot of dancing.

Meat Mushifiers


In the forests of Central and South America scientists discovered a deadly bee. This bee is called the vulture bee. They do not feast on pollen or nectar which means they consume the flesh of dead creatures. When they find a rotting carcass they spit out a chemical called enzyme which melts it into a gooey mush. This mush quickly goes into their stomach that is special for storing the mushified meat. Vulture bees are the world's best garbage men.


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  2. Love this! :) Can I post this on our IEW website?

    Please contact me: julieexcellenceinwritingcom

    IEW Marketing Director

  3. Julie! I cant seem to contact you with the information if you check back...we would love to be on the IEW website. My kids feel like stars already.

  4. Check it out:

    Links from the front page.


  5. Hi, I'm a freelance writer and am doing a couple of articles dealing with creative writing and homeschoolers. I would love to hear about your successes and not so good successes. I am working on a blog specifically for new writers and those learning the process. Would love any input. THank you so much.



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